Content With The Universe

A blog I wrote during the summer and just got around to reading again on the first day of Day Light Savings Time.  Here's some thoughts from July.

A heat wave has hit the Olympic Peninsula.  Socks and sandals are the norm with the senior crowd. White fleshy skin and bad tattoos measure out the other end of the hipster spectrum. I haven't experienced a hot spring and early summer like this in years.  My high school senior summer was the nearest thing I can recall.  For someone who loves summer, who comes alive in this weather--I couldn't be happier.  

Riding the Vespa in shirt sleeves, through the pristine farmland in Sequim while smelling the sweet smell of fresh-cut hay and lavender, with a tactile feel of warm air enveloping you, is the nearest to my own nirvana as I can imagine. Just enjoy being hot, feeling hot, being alive, and feeling this good earth. Riding around our 51 GMC pick-up with the windows rolled down, with my hair tucked up in a cowboy hat and singing old Dixie Chicks songs is so much fun.  Nothing sounds like summer more than banjo, fiddles, and ridiculously true story line.

Then come the nay-sayers, the complainers, worries please.  The weather will change shortly.  It always does and always will.  The obvious down-side is our dry weather, the smoke resonating from Vancouver Island, and the idiots that insist on setting of fireworks in a red-flag danger area.

Yes, these factors are certainly a very real state-wide concern and significant worry to my community.

But, I am a summer person.  Summer time is my delightful time and I kinda love it.